Krav Maga Global is the leading Krav Maga organization in the world. Set up in 2010 by Eyal Yanilov its mission is to spread Krav Maga throughout the world to civilians, military, and law enforcement providing the very best Krav Maga instruction available today.

Eyal Yanilov is the highest ranked Krav Maga practitioner in the world, awarded master level 3 by the system’s founder, Imi Lichtenfeld. He is also one of only 2 people given the founder’s diploma of excellence.

Eyal started training at a young age and went on to become Imi’s closest assistant, helping to develop Krav Maga from what was simply a collection of techniques into the complete technical and tactical system that KMG offers today.

KMG is based in Israel, the home of Krav Maga, and now has more than one thousand instructors in over 60 countries across the world. KMG prides itself on having some of the very best instructors anywhere in the world in its Global and International Instructor Teams, and these instructors travel the world training the local instructors to the highest level so that the standard is maintained throughout all clubs. It’s this level of commitment to instructor training and development that sets KMG apart from its competition.

KMG has courses and programs for civilians, kids, law enforcement, military units, SWAT teams, and third party protection, and holds events and seminars all over the world including in Israel.

Unlike many other Krav Maga organizations, KMG has one of the toughest and most comprehensive instructor courses there is, and they are committed to the continued education and support of all their instructors. This means that when you choose to train with a KMG club you can be confident that you are being trained by only the best instructors, and learning material which has been tested and refined and proven to work.