Posted by Adam_Holmes on March 12, 2020

Will I get hurt or injured training Krav Maga?

Lots of people look at Krav Maga and think that it looks very physical, rough, and even violent - and therefore training must be dangerous with a high potential for injury.

In ALL of our training here at DDKM safety is our number one priority.

To get good at Krav Maga you need to train regularly and consistently, so if students are getting injured in training they won't be able to train very often or very effectively, and therefore won't make much progress.

At DDKM we want students to progress as far as possible, so all of our classes are designed to teach the KMG system in a safe, enjoyable, and progressive way, in order to ensure students can train as often as they like, over a long period of time and really develop, in the long term, their skill level and knowledge.

As long as you are sensible in class and follow instructions there is absolutely no reason you should ever get hurt or injured during training.

Of course there is always a small risk of injury in any physical activity such as Krav Maga, but injuries from training are very rare (aside from the odd bruise or two).

So if you've been thinking about training Krav Maga but have been concerned about getting injured you needn't worry - Krav Maga training is very safe and here at DDKM we do everything we can to ensure our training is as safe as possible.


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