Joe Hall

"My fitness levels are noticeably better! I am stronger and faster than before I was training!"

Joe Hall

What made you start Krav Maga?

I have trained in karate and Kick boxing in the past and loved it. A friend of mine mentioned Krav Maga to me a few years ago so after a bit of web searching I joined a local club to where I lived. I quickly found it to be what I was looking for but relocating to the south coast meant I had to leave! I was looking for 2 years for a local club and then Adam and DDKM popped up on my face book!

How long have you trained Krav Maga?

All in all about a year and a half.

How many times a week do you train?

Work and family life only allow me to train once a week but I am looking to increase that to at least twice a week for 2018!

What benefits have you seen since starting Krav Maga?

My fitness levels are noticeably better! I am stronger and faster than before I was training!

If you have graded what level are you?

Currently P2.

Do you have any other previous martial arts experience?

Yes, karate since I was about 7 or 8 years old, and kick boxing.

If yes, how does Krav Maga compare to other martial arts?

I found Karate very regimented, not in a negative way but it was more technique than anything else. Kickboxing was fun and very good for my flexibility and fitness but lacked any real structure. Krav Maga ticks all the boxes! It can be quite technical but brutally effective!

What do you like about DDKM?

DDKM is like a family! Everyone is so friendly, and focused. There is no bravado just like-minded people wanting to learn and help others learn!

What is your favourite Krav Maga technique?

This is tricky as I have learnt so many great ones! I particularly enjoy the gun and knife defences but all techniques seem to have a cheeky groin strike!

Have you had to use Krav Maga in real life?

Only on my 5-year-old son! But Thankfully never needed it in a real life situation! However, I am confident if I needed it would be very effective.

Describe a typical class?

Typical class starts when we are asked to line up. That is then followed by a 15-20 minute warm up ensuring we are ready for the class and reduce the risk of any straining injuries. the warm up is usually an insight to what we would be focussing on during the lesson. Adam would then give us a scenario eg an aggressor pushing or grabbing from either the front side or back and we will spend the lesson going over all possible cases using the Krav Maga techniques to quickly eliminate the threat. This usually starts with non-combative if possible (running away) or if no choice how to neutralise the threat as quickly as possible minimising the risk to yourself. You then partner up and take it in turns attacking and defending under the watchful eye of Adam giving helpful advice every step of the way. Then about 10 mins from the end of the lesson we usually put into practice what we have learnt over the lesson. you would be told to close your eyes and wait then your partner would replicate an attack and you would defend as best you can. This is coupled with some cardio (press-ups, sit-ups or squats) inbetween to try and get you under a bit of pressure and see how well you remember the technique.

What have you achieved since starting Krav Maga?

Well I passed my P1 and P2! And of course, my fitness levels have improved from when I first started!

What is your favourite thing about Krav Maga?

My favourite thing about Krav Maga is how effective it is, as far as self-defence goes I think it would be hard to beat.

Would you recommend DDKM to a friend?

Yes absolutely 100 percent! Adam is very passionate about Krav Maga and this shows when he is teaching. Also the people that train are so friendly and a great bunch to train with.

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