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Welome to our website. Here you can learn all about Direct Defence Krav Maga, where we train, and what we offer.

We are the leading provider of authentic Krav Maga training for adults (age 16+) in West Sussex and Brighton, so if you are looking to learn a realistic and practical method of self-defence then you have come to the right place.

By becoming a member of Direct Defence Krav Maga and training regularly with us you will be taking a direct path to improving your personal safety. Everybody has the right to protect themselves against violence and developing that skill is what we offer here at Direct Defence Krav Maga.

Joining us will enable you to learn the valuable, potentially life-saving skills of self-defence, but training with us will give you so much more than just the ability to defend yourself. You will gain confidence, and determination. You will improve your fitness. You’ll push yourself further than you ever thought possible - and all in a friendly, enjoyable, and safe environment with like-minded people.

We welcome everybody to come and train with us. It doesn’t matter how old you (age 16 and up) are or what your background is. You don’t have to be experienced in martial arts, and you don’t have to be fit to begin with. Our classes are suitable for everyone and we will do our utmost to make anybody feel welcome. There is no place for egos or attitude at Direct Defence Krav Maga. We want you to feel comfortable from the moment you walk into class.


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Craig Kaveney
Craig Kaveney
"Direct Defence Krav Maga is like a university for street self-defence that anyone regardless of age, gender or size can study that can fit around your busy work schedules and can give you a great confidence boost, provide you with life saving skills and you'll make some great friends along the way!"
Gosia Golata
Gosia Golata
"I would definitely recommend Direct Defence Krav Maga. Adam Holmes is great instructor who cares about his students and trains them the best he can. He is very friendly and will push you to your own limits, always focusing on every student and correcting mistakes as soon as possible."
Reuben Faro
Reuben Faro
"There are a lot of self-defence/martial art classes out there. I’ve been around a long time. I’ve seen rubbish and I’ve seen excellence. DDKM fits into the excellence category.There is a great vibe and I have never once come away feeling negative. If you want to get fit and protect yourself and your family this is a good place to start!"

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