About Direct Defence Krav Maga

Direct Defence Krav Maga is a Krav Maga Global (KMG) affiliated self-defence school operating in West Sussex and Brighton. Our objective is simple: to provide the highest quality training in authentic Krav Maga, to give our students the ability to protect themselves and develop the confidence to feel safe in an increasingly dangerous world.

We have classes at various locations across West Sussex and in Brighton, and we welcome people of all backgrounds to come and train with us. We do our very best to ensure that all our students train in a fun, friendly, and safe environment, where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. It doesn’t matter about your age, sex, fitness, previous experience, all that matters is that you are willing to push yourself to learn a new skill and develop the ability to protect yourself from danger. As long as you are willing to learn, we can’t wait to teach you.

In joining us not only will you gain the knowledge and skills needed to defend yourself from all manner of violent situations, you will also become part of a club of like-minded people who will help and support you through your training.

You will learn a valuable new life-skill, improve your fitness, increase your confidence, make new friends, and have a lot of fun, all under the watchful eye of a qualified experienced instructor who is dedicated to passing on the knowledge and providing a fun and safe way to learn Krav Maga.

Krav Maga is a simple system which, with the right instruction, is easy to learn. The essence of Krav Maga is efficiency and simplicity. No-nonsense self-defence that works under stress. This is what Direct Defence Krav Maga is all about.

About the Instructor

The owner and head instructor at Direct Defence Krav Maga is Adam Holmes. Adam has been training with KMG for over six years and in that time has trained extensively in Israel with the very best instructors KMG has to offer including Eyal Yanilov.

Adam Holmes DDKM

Adam completed the KMG General Instructor’s Course (180 hours of intensive training) in 2014, under the guidance of KMG Global Team instructors, Ilya Dunsky, Moran Laskov, and Franklyn Hartkamp.

He is committed to continually developing his own abilities in order that he can pass on this knowledge to his students. As well as the General Instructor's Course he has also completed the KMG Women’s Instructor's Course dealing with situations and requirements specific to women and girls, and the KMG VIP Protection Instructor's course dealing with teaching Krav Maga for 3rd party protection, and the KMG SWAT Instructor's course, dealing with Krav Maga for SWAT and Special Forces applications.

On top of this he also has a BTEC level 3 in self-defence instruction and holds relevant first aid certificates for martial arts.

Adam continues to train and progress through the KMG system and currently holds a rank of Expert Level 1 (E1).