Posted by Adam_Holmes on March 10, 2020

Can you train Krav Maga with no previous experience?

This is a question that we get asked all the time and the answer, of course, is 'Yes you can!'.

In fact the vast majority of people who try our classes have NEVER done any martial arts or self-defence training before, and in many ways that's actually an advantage, as they don't have any preconceptions or bad habits picked up from previous training.

Of course, if you have trained martial arts before that's also great, there will be a lot of skill overlap.

But the point is it really doesn't matter whether you have or haven't trained anything like Krav Maga before, our classes are structured in a way that makes them equally suitable for complete beginners and more experienced practitioners alike.

When you start training with us you'll be training in our Foundations classes, which are 'mixed level classes' which are suitable for everyone regardless of experience.

These classes go through the most important aspects of the system which are vital for EVERYONE to train on regularly, regardless of their level.

In these classes no previous knowledge or skill is required - everything you need to do in the class will be taught during the session.

The instructor will work with you to make sure you understand everything you are doing to ensure you are getting the most from every session and making good progress.

As you become more experienced you'll be able to train on some more complex variations, under a bit more pressure and in a more intense way during the same Foundations classes.

For our more advanced students we have separate training programmes and classes so they can really push their technical skill and understanding to a higher level in a way that's more appropriate for them.

So, whatever your level you'll always be progressing and learning more of the system.

The most important thing is that you train as often as you can and give it your full commitment in class.

So, whether you've done martial arts/self-defence before or not, if you're ready to start learning Krav Maga now just follow the link below to get started.


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