Posted by Adam_Holmes on March 11, 2020

Is Krav Maga Suitable For Women?

The average woman is smaller, lighter, and weaker than the average man - that's just a biological fact. Therefore it's understandable that many people wonder if Krav Maga can really be used by a woman to defend herself against a male attacker.

Thankfully, Krav Maga doesn't rely on strength or power, which makes it especially suitable for women to learn, and very effective as a method of self-defence for women.

By training Krav Maga you'll learn how to effectively use your body to be able to defend a multitide of attacks, as well as how to counterattack yourself, in order to escape the danger you may be in.

You'll find through training that technique is far more important then brute strength, and by learning and understanding what to do in various situations, a woman is certainly able to defend herself against an attacker who may be very much stronger then she is.

More importantly, Krav Maga also teaches how to prevent and stop attacks happening at an eary stage, as well as how to avoid and de-escalate potentially violent situations.

Krav Maga really is suitable for eveyone and there are many stories (some from our very own students) of women having used the things they've learned from Krav Maga training to fend off attackers in real life.

Krav Maga is a higly effective self-defnce system for everyone, and especially women, and we have a fantastic group of female students who currently train in our classes.

So if you're a women who's been thinking about learning some realistic, practical self-defence then Krav Maga should be top of your list.


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