Posted by Adam_Holmes on March 15, 2020

What should I wear to my first class?

Knowing what to wear to your first Krav Maga class is something a lot of people worry about. You don't want to turn up and look stupid in front of everyone else by wearing something unsuitable or inappropriate.

When people book their first session with us, we send them a lot of info about what to expect during their first class, including what they should wear.

Even so, we've still had people turning up over the years to their first class wearing jeans, button-up shirts, and short skirts - which is fine, but it's not the most suitable clothing for Krav Maga training, at least generally.

So what should you wear?

Krav Maga training is very physical - you'll be moving a lot, running, getting up from the ground, punching and kicking. You'll be getting hot and sweating a lot. You'll likely be in close contact with other people, perhaps being pushed or pulled around.

So bearing these things in mind, common sense will be your best guide.

Comfortable, lightweight clothing, the type you'd wear to the gym, or for a run, will more than likely be fine.


Here are a few guidelines:
Top - ​​​​A t-shirt is ideal as it's light and cool, although some people prefer to wear long sleeve tops (such as rash guards) to protect their arms. Either is fine, but in long sleeves you're likely to get very hot - so a t-shirt is best for general training.

Trousers - Any kind of comfortable trousers are also fine - joggers or lightweight sports trousers, or leggings for the ladies. Shorts are also fine but, depending on what you're training on, may leave you open to friction burns (especially when training on mats) so long trousers are recommended - again just use common sense and you'll be fine.

Footwear - Generally our classes are conducted in halls with hard floors, so any kind of comfortable sports shoes are fine. Bear in mind that you may be kicking things (either pads, or your partner) so don't wear heavy shoes, or anything that may mark or damage the floor or equipment.

From time to time we also train in venues with permanent matted floors, so often shoes will not be permitted at all in such venues.

But for general classes, lightweight sports shoes will be fine.

Jewellery of any kind should not be worn during training. Aside from the risk of injury to yourself or your partner, any jewellery is likely to get broken or lost during training.

So please remove all watches, rings, earrings, necklaces etc. before coming to class.


If you have groin protection you should definitely take it (it's a must for regular training) but if not don't worry, you'll be fine for your first session.


If you have boxing gloves, mouth guard, and shin guards, also take them along, but again you'll be fine without them for your first session as there will be spares available.


Once you decide to join DDKM you'll get a FREE club training T-Shirt to train in, and most of our students opt to buy some official KMG training trousers to wear as well (although that's entirely up to you).


So there you go, there's really nothing to worry about regarding what to wear. Just wear sensible, practical, comfortable clothing and you'll be fine.

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