Posted by Adam_Holmes on March 14, 2020

Who will I train with in class?

Although some people who book trial classes with us do so with a friend, the majority of them book on their own, so it's not surprising that one of the most common concerns of attending their first class is who they will train with. 

After all, you need a partner to train Krav Maga, so being concerned about who that might be is understandable.

Will they be much bigger than you? Stronger? More experienced? Will they like training with a newbie? These are all legitimate concerns.

Having a good training partner is a crucial ingredient in getting good at Krav Maga, so on your first lesson you'll be paired up with somebody suitable for you. Often we'll make sure you are with somebody more experienced who can help you during your first session, but sometimes it's just as good to be paired with somebody else who is new, so you are both in the same boat. It depends on the lesson.

The truth is, to make the best progress in training, practitioners should train with as many different partners as possible, to experience differences in size, strength, speed etc. so they can be as prepared for reality as possible.

Safety in training is always a priority, so if your instructor sees that you are partnered with somebody who is not being a good, safe, or appropriate training partner, they will switch you and pair you with somebody more suitable.

Once you've been training a few weeks hopefully you'll start to get to know everyone in class, and look forward to training with different students each week.

So if you're ready to give it a go, and come and try a class for yourself, no need to worry about who you'll be training with.


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