Carl Carter

"I don't hesitate a second in recommending Direct Defence Krav Maga if someone is thinking about joining or coming for a trial session - whether they are new to martial arts or have trained in other disciplines there is so much to learn from training with DDKM."

Carl Carter

What made you start Krav Maga?

After a few years out of martial arts training and not wanting to join a gym as that's too repetitive and boring for me - I wanted to get fit again, find something more varied and different to my previous martial arts experience. I was delighted to see that there were a couple of DDKM Krav Maga classes locally and even better that there was a range of locations along with evening training times to suit that I could make despite having a long commute home and a changeable work schedule.

How long have you trained Krav Maga?

I have trained on and off for about 12 months. And despite having an injury or two in between (not Krav Maga related!) it was great to be able to rejoin and be welcomed back as if I had never left when I was fit enough again to train at DDKM Krav Maga.

How many times a week do you train?

I train once a week, although I wish my commute and work diary would allow me to train more often. Although I do love the fact there are additional special subject matter training seminars I can attend.

What benefits have you seen since starting Krav Maga?

I have found it has really helped improve my general level of fitness and also a really good way to de-stress. It's great having something to look forward to every week (even if the night of the week changes due to my own schedule as well as catching up with the friends I have made during my time at DDKM.

If you have graded what level are you?

I have not graded, as grading progression is not my primary motivator - although I am enjoying it so much I feel that by fixing a grading date it will then help galvanise my commitment to learn and train more.

Do you have any other previous martial arts experience?

Yes, over the years I have trained to varying degrees in several martial arts including ninjitsu, aikido and thai kick boxing. I am also a gold medal fencing instructor, and while not a true 'martial art' I do enjoy the use of weaponry. But it was the 'real world' aspect that attracted me to Krav Maga.

If yes, how does Krav Maga compare to other martial arts?

I really enjoy the real world situational and very practical aspect of Krav Maga. The fact it takes common real world and street personal defense situations and attack styles and offers a very efficient and effective range of solutions is great and quite refreshing. I also like the fact that the syllabus includes real life weapons that you may be attached with or you can utilise yourself. Finally  I do not have to remember a wide range of foreign names relating to actions.

What do you like about DDKM?

I really like the friendly welcoming culture and atmosphere of DDKM and this cascades from Adam the instructor down to every student member that I have met whatever their ability or grade level. There are no egos or attitudes at DDKM and there is a really good range of abilities, genders and sizes. I also like the fact that each lesson builds from the initial warm up exercises through to application of technique.

What is your favourite Krav Maga technique?

While I like the foundational work of posture, strikes and ground work - I particularly like the defence techniques against knife attacks and weapons as these differentiate this as a martial art against more eastern martial arts.

Have you had to use Krav Maga?

Thankfully not, but I feel that with the really solid training and repetition that I would feel very comfortable reverting to krav maga if the situation arose.

Describe a typical class?

Each class always begins with hte very friendly catch up and hellos from all the other students, along with a health check and welcome from Adam the instructor. We start off with some basic warm up exercises and stretches to get the heart pumping and then revert into a range of exercises that form foundational basics before learning the exercises themselves. There is always a very clear explanation of the technique, it's situational application and variation. This then progresses to demonstrations from varying angles and then we pair up and build on these ourselves with partners. By the end of the session I always feel very comfortable that I have learnt an effective technique.

What have you achieved since starting Krav Maga?

Increased level of fitness and have learned plenty of really workable techniques and skills.

What is your favourite thing about Krav Maga?

The friendly culture of the club combined with real world, simple, efficient and effective techniques.

Would you recommend DDKM to a friend?

Most definitely without any hesitation. Whether they have studied martial arts before or if they are a complete beginner, whatever their age or fitness level - there is definitely something for everyone.

Can you say a bit more about why you like training with DDKM?

I don't hesitate a second in recommending Direct Defence Krav Maga if someone is thinking about joining or coming for a trial session - whether they are new to martial arts or have trained in other disciplines there is so much to learn from training with DDKM. It is all backed up with a friendly welcoming club atmosphere and coupled with being able to learn efficient and confidence building self defense skills.

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