Craig Kaveney

"DDKM is like a university for street self-defence... and being part of a great community of like minded people makes training so enjoyable"

Craig Kaveney

What made you start Krav Maga?

Initially I was looking for a 'martial art' locally that I could study more than once a week that needed to start 8pm onwards to fit in with my working hours, DDKM seemed to fit the bill perfectly although technically not a 'martial art', it offered multiple sessions throughout the week mostly starting from 8pm.

How long have you trained Krav Maga?

My Krav Maga journey started on January the 9th of 2017 so at the time of writing it would be a little over 13 months of training.

How many times a week do you train?

I try and aim to train at least once a week minimum but aim for 2 most weeks although that might not always be the case as life sometimes gets in the way DDKM provides the flexibility needed with the premium membership that I can always make up training the following week by attending 3 to 4 classes if I wanted with working hours permitting.

What benefits have you seen since starting Krav Maga?

First and foremost my fitness levels have increased dramatically due to the high intensity workouts throughout the session, I feel a lot more confident in my self, studying Krav Maga is really starting to make me believe I might have a stronger chance in defending my self than I did before. And being part of a great community with like minded people makes studying so enjoyable.

If you have graded what level are you?

I am currently graded at P2 level. I must say the curriculum is brilliant, it's easy enough to understand and gives you a real clear path for you to follow on your journey.

Do you have any other previous martial arts experience?

It all started for me at age 13 I took up kickboxing after school for 2 years then didn't get back into martial arts until my early 20's where I studied "Ninpo taijutsu" for approximately 3 years.

How does Krav Maga compare to other martial arts?

The skills I learned from kickboxing are generally great for Krav Maga, kickboxing training involving basic punches, kicks, cardio, stamina and sparring are greatly beneficial even tho Krav Maga may have a few tweaks on the attacking angles or footwork positioning, also in Krav you attack vulnerable areas that are not allowed in kickboxing i.e. Throat, groin, eyes.

Krav Maga is a realistic self defence system trained hard with intention and aggression using techniques and tactics to defend against unarmed or armed with a blade, gun or stick type weapon which in comparison to ninpo taijutsu is a much softer approach with an emphasis on relaxation and performing set Katas with a partner based on old samurai and ninja martial arts also training with Japanese weapons, it doesn't have the stress testing from Krav or a modern mindset needed for self defence in today's society.

What do you like about DDKM?

I love the class layout it's a great workout incorporating cardio strength and mobility with games for coordination and reaction speed, then with a real breakdown of the techniques we are working on that particular a session Adam the instructor takes care and attention in teaching you to the best of his ability. I also love how the club is 'active' it's constantly growing a community, providing seminars, updating social media with articles, blogs and video and instructor and student feedback, it feels like it's always progressing onwards and upwards.

What is your favourite Krav Maga technique?

It has to be a front kick to the groin!

Have you had to use Krav Maga in real life?

Never had to use a 'technique'...I just ran away as I had the opportunity to do so .

Would you recommend DDKM to a friend?


Can you say a bit more about why you like training with DDKM?

DDKM is like a university for street self-defence that anyone regardless of age, gender or size can study that can fit around your busy work schedules and can give you a great confidence boost, provide you with life saving skills and you'll make some great friends along the way!

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