Reuben Faro

"I've achieved massive increase in fitness, 2 grades and lots of courses!... including being thrown out of an aeroplane!"

Reuben Faro

What made you start Krav Maga?

I quite fancied taking up another martial art and when my pal Chris suggested we tried I said yes.

How long have you trained Krav Maga?

Since May 2016

How many times a week do you train?

2-3 times

What benefits have you seen since starting Krav Maga?

Lots! Lost about a stone in weight, improvement in my joints and flexibility, quite a big reduction I’m my average blood pressure.

If you have graded what level are you?


Do you have any other previous martial arts experience?

2 years Judo, 5 years Karate, 4 years Fencing, short courses in Kendo and Akido.

How does Krav Maga compare to other martial arts?

It’s very different. Not so much in technique but more in approach and attitude. So much more emphasis is given in Krav Maga to the whole situation. I have in the past known several black belts who haven’t fared well in Street fights. One with a tragic result. Obviously they could fight effectively but they just weren’t ready for the fight when it happened. This was never taught in class. It was just assumed (incorrectly).

What do you like about DDKM?

What can I say.....Great instructor, great students.

What is your favourite Krav Maga technique?

Getting off the floor effectively (It’s a work in progress)!

Have you had to use Krav Maga in real life?

Not yet!

Describe a typical class?

It’s starts with a warm up which is cleverly relevant to the techniques being taught . This lasts about 20 min. Then follows stretching for about 10 min. The rest of the class is then technical stuff. At the end there is usually a section that combines techniques learnt on the night with added stress and cardio.

What have you achieved since starting Krav Maga?

Massive increase in fitness, 2 grades and lots of courses! Including being thrown out of an aeroplane!

What is your favourite thing about Krav Maga?

Physical self-confidence and meeting great people.

Would you recommend DDKM to a friend?

I do all the time .


It’s worth it just for the fitness but it may save your life too!

Can you say a bit more about why you like training with DDKM?

There are a lot of Self defence / martial art classes out there. I’ve been around a long time. I’ve seen rubbish and I’ve seen excellence. Adam fits into the excellence category. DDKM is a place you can learn and progress without being judged or made to feel inadequate. All the classes are well attended with a great bunch of students that look out for each other. There is a great vibe and I have never once come away feeling negative. If you want to get fit and protect yourself and your family this is a good place to start!

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