Shaun Richardson

"I've seen improved physical flexibility, and an improved sense of awareness in every environment that I find myself in."

Shaun Richardson

What made you start Krav Maga?

My interest in Krav Maga started after watching a documentary series on various worldwide martial arts to which Krav Maga was the only one that dealt with disarming armed assailants and self-defence in real life situations.

How long have you trained Krav Maga?

I have training in Krav Maga for over 18 months.

How many times a week do you train?

Twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.

What benefits have you seen since starting Krav Maga?

Improved physical flexibility and an improved sense of awareness in every environment that I find myself in.

If you have graded what level are you?

I've recently passed my P2.

Do you have any other previous martial arts experience?

I have previously trained in Boxing, Karate and Kick Boxing.

If yes, how does Krav Maga compare to other martial arts?

Krav Maga deals with real life situations and covers a wide range of techniques from basic striking to ground work to disarming assailants. Unlike other martial arts there is no visible grading system, so whether you are a beginner or an expert you will be learning the same techniques in every lesson, there is no pressure to grade in order to learn new and different techniques.

What do you like about DDKM?

Everything, the people, the workout, the training, the instructor, the camaraderie and friendliness within DDKM makes the training and the learning an enjoyable experience.

What is your favourite Krav Maga technique?

Gun and knife disarming (unfortunately becoming more and more common in today's society).

Have you had to use Krav Maga in real life?

Thankfully not but feel ready too if a situation occurred where it was necessary.

Describe a typical class?

A typical class starts with a warm up which includes light running with striking moves and some stretching, from there it is straight into the main section of the class which includes demonstrations of the techniques and an explanation of why that particular action is necessary and how to execute in the most effective way.

The last section of the class is usually an intense physical task that focuses on fitness and improving stamina after which there is a chance to cool down and ask any questions regarding the lesson.

What is your favourite thing about Krav Maga?

There are a number of favourite techniques I enjoy, from disarming assailants with knives and guns to ground work,

Would you recommend DDKM to a friend?

Most defiantly.


The primary reason for recommending Krav Maga to colleagues and friends would be so they too could learn how to protect themselves and their families should the need ever arise and also learning the required techniques within a safe teaching environment that is provided by DDKM.

Can you say a bit more about why you like training with DDKM?

Krav Maga teaches you how to defend yourself in situations that can occur in the day to day of life, DDKM shows you how to confidently repel weapon attacks and physical violence in a controlled environment.

DDKM has classes from Monday to Thursday in the local area all to which are available for your membership, the people are friendly and there is a great sense of camaraderie amongst the students whether it is a training issue or arranging carpooling to a grading. From the very first lesson you will have learning something valuable to assist you if the need ever arises.

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